Macedonians Expelled from Greece Seek Justice

Source: Makfax 

Translated by UMDiaspora Staff

The Macedonians expelled from Greece after the country’s civil war will gather for a traditional border meeting in the village of Trnovo, near Bitola on July 30th.

The participants in this 26th gathering will attempt once more to tell the world about the injustice inflicted on over 186,000 expelled Macedonians.

“We will demand that this pressing question be dealt with on an international level with Macedonia and Greece, and through the Council of Europe, the EU, the United Nations, the OSCE, and the International Refugee Commission of the Red Cross,” Dr. Nikola Kosturski, president of the Committee and organizer of this year’s border meeting, said in Bitola today.

The organizer, the Committee of Organizations of Ethnic Macedonians Expelled from Greece, expects over 2,000 Macedonians from Macedonia and abroad to attend the gathering in the courtyard of the SvetaNedelaChurch.

This year’s gathering will commemorate the 60th anniversary of Mirka Ginova’s death in a fascist prison.


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