Macedonian to cycle Europe in 59 days!

Delco Angelov is a 54-year-old marathon cyclist from Macedonia with a strong will and full confidence that will lead him to cycle 16,102 km (10,005 miles) around 28 European countries, starting on May 17, 2007.

Macedonian marathon cyclist Delco Angelov in May this year will put his physical abilities to the test and will try to cycle Europe in or less than 59 days.

This marathon is one of the biggest (recreational) marathons in the world, and Delco is cycling it, as he says, to inspire and motivate young people and show them that the “impossible can be possible.”

Delco was born in the little village Gorobinci, near Sveti Nikole, Macedonia, and 15 years ago moved to Tafers, Switzerland, where he works for a local hospital as a chef.

Delco Angelov’s love towards cycling started just a few years ago, in 1998, when Delco in order to lose some of his body weight (then around 100 kg (220 lbs)) and to improve his health endangered by the high level of cholesterol and blood pressure Delco had.  Few months later, the daily cycling that Delco was doing, changed his life – he lost half of his body weight, established normal levels of cholesterol and blood pressure, and was in excellent condition.

“Cycling is a great sport; it can change your life in a very positive way.  And it’s never too late to start, take me as an example, I was 48 when I started cycling, and look how far I came” – said Delco Angelov for one Macedonian television program.

Supported by his team, Delco in May this year will start his marathon “Delco Angelov’s Tour d’Europe 2007”, in which he will cycle an average  of 270 km (167 miles) or 10 to 12 hours a day, for a total of 16,102 km (10,005 miles).

This is not the only marathon Delco Angelov has done.  Since 2000, he has been doing annual marathons from Switzerland to his home in Macedonia, and in 2004, when Delco Angelov was 52 years old, alone on the road, accompanied by his bicycle and two bags on it, he cycled 10,095 km (6,272 miles) around 14 countries in Europe in 37 days, establishing a world record in recreational marathon.

“Nobody believed in me, nobody even tried to give me support or thought that I can succeed.  Nevertheless, I was self-confident, I knew what I wanted, and I did it.  I went alone and slept in motels on the road.  It was hard but I proved everybody wrong when I cycled 10,095 km.” – said Delco after his “Delco Angelov’s Tour’d Europe 2004” marathon.

Delco Angelov is calling upon everyone with big dreams and would like to inspire the youth and to show them that there are things that are more important then drugs and alcohol to join him on his adventures.

For more information about Delco Angelov, visit his official website –

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