Macedonian Government Offering Grants to Macedonians Worldwide

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Macedonia is inviting all Macedonians organizations worldwide to apply for grants from the government in realization for any Macedonian cultural/heritage promotional related projects.  The Ministry intends to fund several projects that will promote the Macedonian identity, culture and tradition, in efforts to promote the Republic of Macedonia.  At the same time, these projects should help strengthen the ties between the Macedonians outside the Republic of Macedonia and Macedonia.


Macedonians that have emigrated to foreign countries, the Macedonian minorities in neighboring countries, the Macedonians that are temporary in a foreign country.  Applicants do not necessarily have to be citizens of Macedonia.  All applications must be received by May 31st 2007, and funds will not be distributed until March 2008.  The Ministry intends to use this method for sustainable long-term collaboration and realize projects in the 2008-2010 time frame.  The list of selected projects will be available in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at

Several projects that the Diaspora Department is working on are: Development of a textbook called “My Fatherland – Macedonia” to be used where Macedonian language is being thought in the Diaspora, publishing a manual that describes the exporting capabilities of the Republic of Macedonia, support for the Macedonian Film Festival in Toronto, establishing venue for presentation of Macedonian theatrical plays in the Diaspora, publishing Macedonian newspapers, Macedonian Soccer tournament.  The Ministry intends to rotate its grants between continents and countries in order to equally cover all Macedonian Diaspora.

The United Macedonian Diaspora encourages all of our members, and all other Macedonians that reside outside Macedonia to apply for these grants.  Promoting the Macedonian culture, values, tradition, and heritage is an important task that all Macedonians should undertake.  The Ministry is sponsoring these types of activities so take the opportunity and present Macedonia to the world.  The project could be small or big, such as presentation of the Republic of Macedonia at a school, fair, or organizing cultural events to bring Macedonian folklore groups to your city.

Click here to access the application.  Please complete it and mail it to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Macedonia by May 31st!

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