JUST ANNOUNCED: A UMD Generation M Initiative in the Fight Against COVID-19 – We Can #TogetherFromHome

Generation M, the United Macedonian Diaspora’s (UMD) young leaders program is proud to announce its new crowdfunding initiative We Can #TogetherFromHome.

“We Can #TogetherFromHome” is a crowdfunding initiative, which aims to unite the public support for the Macedonian healthcare system in the fight against the COVID-19 virus. We strive to simplify and improve the donation process through raising and funneling financial and material contributions by both individual and corporate donors.

We compiled a list of priorities for fundraising in accordance with current requirements, which is regularly updated as per indications from the health authorities and domestic suppliers. The equipment and materials from the list will be shared on our platform and we will begin fundraising to secure those items.

In collaboration with Macedonian (and local) suppliers and according to the published fundraising targets, the donated means directly address the urgent needs of the Macedonian healthcare system. To ensure transparency, you will be able to track the achieved targets on our platform as long as civil support is necessary to satisfy the institutional needs in the fight against COVID-19.

The continuous success of this, as well as like-minded campaigns, will be reflected in improved conditions and supplies of the Macedonian healthcare system and, subsequently, a prompt recovery around our world.

Guided by Mother Theresa’s words: “if you cannot feed 100 people, feed one person”, we place confidence in making a difference together, united in the fight against the invisible enemy. We cordially thank you for contributing to strengthen our healthcare system, both directly and indirectly, and kindly ask you to help spread the initiative.

Any donation will help those who are working tirelessly to protect us. Please consider spreading the message that We Can provide support and assistance #TogetherFromHome.

You can donate and help Macedonia combat this crisis on the following link:

You can also follow us on Instagram: @zaednooddoma

Let’s help Macedonia fight this pandemic!

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