Jewish community condemns Nazi attack in Australia

Press Release

6 May 2011

Jewish community condemns Nazi attack 

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The Jewish Community Council of Victoria is appalled by the racism and wanton destruction of property in the attack on the Altona Magic Soccer Club on Tuesday 3rd May.

During the attack, ten-grave shaped holes were dug into the pitch, the locker rooms were demolished, equipment was vandalised, Australian and Macedonian flags were burnt and Nazi swastikas and the Greek flag were spray-painted on the pitch.

JCCV president John Searle, condemned the attack in the strongest possible terms saying it was “unwarranted and cowardly”. Searle went on to say “I am disgusted by the attack on the Altona Magic Soccer Club. The use of the Swastikas and linkages to the treatment of the Macedonians during the war is heinous, let alone the digging of graves which portrays a very disturbed mind in the perpetrators. This blatant Neo-Nazi attack is intolerable and must be condemned by all in Melbourne and throughout the world.

“The Jewish community is always concerned by any sign of racism and this attack is very disturbing in its intentions. Our sympathies go the Macedonian and Greek communities who must be repelled by these reminders of a dark time.”

The Jewish anti-racism organisation, the Anti-Defamation Commission also condemned the attack.

ADC chairman Anton Block said all Australians needed to defend our respectful multicultural society.

“The attack on the Macedonian soccer club is a hateful assault on all of us. All Australian minorities have the right to enjoy their own clubs and cultures without fear of this kind of attack.”

Please address any queries to John Searle at 03 92725566

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