United Macedonian Diaspora

Economic Development

Economic Development

Macedonia is an ancient land with a rich history and striking natural beauty. It is also an emerging economy with a wealth of untapped business potential. Rich in natural resources, Macedonia offers opportunities for profit in strategic sectors such as agriculture, banking, energy, transportation, mining, tourism, telecommunications, information technology, research, textiles, and manufacturing.

The combination of highly educated labor force with competitive wages, a strategic location, competitive tax rates, a stable monetary and fiscal policy, and free trade deals with Europe, are all incentives for direct foreign investment in Macedonia. Efforts to boost productivity and competitiveness both in the private and public sector have included market liberalization, privatization of state-own enterprises, judicial reforms, and government-sponsored incentives for foreign businesses.

UMD seeks to educate foreign investors and tourists by highlighting all that Macedonia has to offer as a business and leisure destination, in hopes of facilitating commerce, strategic partnerships, and investment.

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