Diaspora unites to tackle COVID-19

Leaders in the United Macedonian Diaspora have convened in Skopje to discuss how best to support Macedonia fight back against COVID-19. 


Representatives from Washington, D.C., Sydney and Strumica came together this fall for a series of meetings, emphasizing the vital connection between Macedonia and its diaspora.


UMD President, Meto Koloski; newly elected Board Member, Filip Despotoski; and Generation M’s Australia Chairwoman, Stefani Taskova Miteva, attended meetings in Skopje, advocating on behalf of the Macedonian Diaspora and learning about the everyday problems facing local Macedonian citizens.


These meetings included: 


      Prof. Viktor Lilcik Adamsen, Archeological Institute for Research of the Ancient Kingdom of Macedonia; 

      Member of Parliament Prof. Gordana Siljanovska Davkova; 

      Member of Parliament Rashela Mizrahi; 

      His Eminence, Metropolitan of Povardarie Agathangell, Macedonian Orthodox Church – Ohrid Archbishopric; 

      Danela Arsovska, President, Macedonian Chamber of Commerce; 

      Marija Dimovska and Dijana Despodov, StartUp Macedonia; 

      Nikica Mojsoska and Galena Cunningham, Macedonia 2025; 

      Julian Vassalo, Head of Political Section, Delegation of the European Union; 

      Nikola Salvarinov, then-Director of Agency for Emigration; 

      Member of Parliament Aleksandar Nikolovski, Vice President, VMRO-DPMNE; 

      Member of Parliament Monika Zajkova, Vice President, Liberal Democratic Party; 

      British Ambassador, Rachel Galloway; 

      U.S. Ambassador, Kate Marie Byrnes;

      Former Macedonian Ambassador to U.S., Vasko Naumovski; 

      Izabela Sokolosvka, Founder, Esnaf; 

      Biljana Markovic Stamenova, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, PrimePoint Partners; 

      Evgenija Nikolovska and Trendafilka Sandeva, T’ga Za Jug, Organisation of the Macedonian Child Refugees; 

      Edmond Sotir, Association of Macedonians from Albania SONCE; 

      Mayor Pali Kolefski of Pustec, Albania; 

      Blagoja Maslarov, Macedonia Tours; 

      Gordon Jordanov, International Relations and Diplomacy Specialist;

      Vasil Dimovski and Alexander Naumoff, Taskforce BPO;

      Nicholas Naumoff, Rumble.


In his role as UMD President, Koloski also attended the opening ceremony of a new Pulmonary clinic to combat COVID-19 at the main hospital in Skopje. Through UMD Generation M’s #ZaednoOdDoma (#TogetherFromHome) initiative, a COVID-19 relief effort by Macedonians within and outside the homeland spearheaded by UMD Board member/Generation M Global Co-Chair Petar Petrovski, UMD donated $50,000 toward the project. 


UMD intends to donate another $50,000 over the course of the next month to institutions combatting COVID-19.


All meetings were conducted in full compliance with government guidance on social distancing and anti-COVID-19 measures. 


Meto Koloski, UMD President, said: 


“UMD is constantly trying to unite the diaspora abroad to help Macedonians at home. Although we’re proud of our record in the fight for Macedonians’ human rights, we’re prouder still to see how our fundraising has helped to tackle severe issues caused by COVID-19.” 


“Part of that process is listening to the concerns about ongoing corruption at all levels of government and society, economic and health sector underdevelopment, brain drain, the current pandemic and the need to preserve our history, language and culture.” 


Filip Despotoski, UMD Board Member, said:


“The financial support UMD received for this campaign is truly humbling. It demonstrates that irrespective of where you live, we can all make a positive impact in Macedonia, especially in times of crisis.”  


“The pandemic has left, and continues to leave, a distinct and catastrophic mark on Macedonia’s economy and healthcare system. However, the hurdles ahead will be overcome. As always, UMD is here to help in this process, and as ever we’re grateful for your support in our work.”


Two-Minute Video Summary of the Trip we think you’ll enjoy:


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