Mission and Officers


United Macedonian Diaspora (UMD) is an international non-governmental organization addressing the interests and needs of Macedonians and Macedonian communities throughout the world outside of Macedonia.

UMD’s main goals are to foster unity among Macedonian people, and advance their cause.  We work to promote our historical, spiritual and cultural heritage while advancing the Macedonian tradition within the framework of various advocacy, educational, and charitable programs.

With headquarters in Washington, D.C., UMD has representatives serving Macedonian communities around the world, including Brussels, Canberra, London, Melbourne, New York, Paris, Stuttgart, Sydney, and Toronto.


  • Safeguard the rights of Macedonians around the world
  • Strengthen the unity among the Macedonian Diaspora
  • Act with and on behalf of Macedonian communities before governmental and international bodies
  • Cooperate with the world community, promoting the universal ideas of peace, freedom, self-determination, and equality

Policy Issues

  • Advance Macedonian interests through educational advocacy, charitable efforts, and social and cultural events
  • Support the Republic of Macedonia’s constitutional and rightful name
  • Defend the Macedonian ethnic identity
  • Support the human rights of Macedonians in Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Kosovo, and Serbia
  • Improve relations among Macedonia and the United States, Canada, Australia, European Union, Russia, among others, and support accession into NATO and the EU

UMD recognizes that the success and well-being of the Macedonian communities worldwide is the best guarantor for the well-being of Macedonia.

UMD is a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization.


Board of Directors and Officers

Stojan Nikolov, Chairman of the Board
Metodija A. Koloski, President
Aleksandar Mitreski, Vice President
Ivona M. Grimberg, Secretary & Director, Economic Development Program
Denis Manevski, Treasurer
Ordan Andreevski, Director, Australian Operations
Jim Daikos, Director, Canadian Operations
Vacant, Director, U.S. Operations
Goran Saveski, UMD Canada Liaison Officer
Dame Krcoski, Director
Mark Branov, Editor, UMD Voice


Global Representation

Dijana Despodova-Pajkovski, Kiev, Ukraine – ddpajkovski@umdiaspora.org
Boris Kamcev, St. Petersburg, Russia – bkamcev@umdiaspora.org
Zlatko Nikolovski, Vienna, Austria – znikolovski@umdiaspora.org
Claude Zoran Spasevski, Paris, France – cspasevski@umdiaspora.org
Dimitar Nasev, Los Angeles, California – dnasev@umdiaspora.org
Dame Krcoski, Perth, Western Australia – dkrcoski@umdiaspora.org
Argie N. Bellio, Fort Wayne, Indiana – abellio@umdiaspora.org
Blagoj B. Petkovski, Washington, D.C. Metro Area – bpetkovski@umdiaspora.org
Martin Nikoloski, Canberra, ACT – mnikoloski@umdiaspora.org
Tony Joseski, Sydney, NSW – tjoseski@umdiaspora.org

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