9 year old Matej writes to President Bush

These are frustrating times for the Macedonians worldwide. Everybody is trying their best to help Macedonia in its struggle to preserve its name, identity, and dignity. Macedonians around the globe are finding ways to help Macedonia enter NATO. Little 9 year old Matej turned for help to President Bush. This is his letter that he wrote by himself and recently sent it to the President of the United States of America.



Dear President Bush, 


I believe that you should do more for the nation of Macedonia .  The Greeks are trying to change our identity. That is like a Canadian man telling you that you’re not an American because they live in America too.  Now isn’t that STUPID.

Here  is some evidence that the Greeks are against Macedonia :

1.There is a northern Macedonia so there is a southern Macedonia  (Aegean Macedonia) too.


2.In 1912  Serbia , Greece , and Bulgaria split up Macedonia into three parts; present day Macedonia ; Aegean Macedonia; Pirin Macedonia  so the three are in partnership against Macedonia .


3.The Greeks are telling us that  Macedonia is a greek name which is ironic because the Greeks shouldn’t and do not have 2 names.


4.Appearently, we can not enter N.A.T.O. because we have an identity and they should have two.


5. Macedonia has to enter N.A.T.O. soly for the purpose of giving the Greeks the chance to change our name (They vetoed our entry even though they signed a document saying they wouldn’t.)


                So please act.   

                Matej, a Macedonian who cares

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