10 Macedonian YouTube Channels That You Should Subscribe to Right Now

By Emilija Dimitrievski & Robert Nushis

As social media continues to expand around the globe, it brings diasporas such as the Macedonian community all the more closer together. Here are just ten of the many entertaining, educational and fun Macedonian youtubers that you should be subscribing to right now:

  1. Afternoons With Baba


Take a seat, grab a coffee, and enjoy Afternoons With Baba; in Baba’s kitchen you will see the step by step process in making your favourite Macedonian recipes! With Baba’s commentary and cooking tips there is always something new to learn, watching Baba cook will bring you back to your childhood with the traditional and nostalgic recipes you grew up eating from your Baba. With 25 different recipes uploaded so far, you will be sure to find something you enjoy!

Our favourite video: How to Make: Macedonian Braided Cookies | Afternoons With Baba

  1. Darko Biberko


Darko Biberko is a channel made for children in order to provide free resources to “teach Macedonian vocabulary and culture with a dash of life lessons.” With catchy songs and cool characters, this channel will help expose young diasporan minds to their roots in a way that makes learning fun!

Our favourite video: Darko Biberko- Kolku Banani

  1. Mario’s History Talks


For all the historian lovers out there- from pre-Ottoman empire to establishing independence to today, Mario has probably covered it. Marios History Talks is your one stop shop for learning about Macedonian books, documentaries, and other media that bring us closer to understanding more about our heritage, and how to defend it when others try to deny it.

“The truth to our identity and history isn’t what most people think it is, nor is what makes us feel comfortable…BUT the truth is still on our side.”

“On this channel, you will get perspective on the most controversial issues concerning the identity of Macedonians, as well as the tools and resources needed to fight misinformation. I will show you how to effectively and masterfully defend your identity as a Macedonian, no matter your starting place.”

Our favourite video: 10 THINGS YOU CAN PICK UP RIGHT NOW TO LEARN ABOUT MACEDONIA | #MariosHistoryTalks​ & UMD Gen M

  1. Canadian Macedonian Historical Society


Fore more history lovers- The Canadian Macedonian Historical Society is another great choice for you. The Canadian Macedonian Historical Society is a non-profit charitable organization that hosts many events, both online and in-person (pre-pandemic, of course) which you can watch back. The channel also contains talks and stories of those in the community where many are able to share and learn even more about their heritage within the Canadian context, bringing an even more personal perspective to the subject.

Our favourite video: CMHS – MACEDONIAN PROTEST IN TORONTO 1990

  1. Better Balkan


For more Maceondian and Balkan recipes, look no further than Better Balkan. With simple tutorials on how to cook traditional recipes you’ve probably smelt brewing in your kitchen in the past, you can now learn to make those recipes on your own in a fun and interactive way. While Better Balkan caters to recipes from all over the Balkans, their main emphasis is on Macedonian food. A great channel for those looking to get started on learning how to cook.

Our favourite video: Macedonian Rakija

  1. Urban Makdon


Urban Makdon will take you through the streets of Macedonia on their relaxing walks, covering popular locations and nature hikes. While we’re all stuck at home during this pandemic, watching Urban Makdon will transport you back to Macedonia. With videos taking you through Ohrid, Trpejca, Vodno, Bitola, Lazarople, Prespa & Kanyon Matka; there is a video for everyone! 

Our favourite video: MATKA CANYON WALK [4K]

  1. Discover Macedonia


In the Pearl of the Balkans, Discover Macedonia will show you the best Macedonia has to offer; through the beautiful monasteries, must see towns, and picturesque villages. With Discover Macedonia’s informative commentary, you will be sure to learn something new with every video; as well English subtitles are offered. 

Our favourite video: Stone Town of Kuklica | Stone Wedding | Stone Dolls | Kratovo | Macedonia

  1. Djole Trajcheski


Djole Trajcheski makes wonderful drone videos of the Macedonian countryside and towns, with videos around south western Macedonia; there are picturesque views all around. Offering 4K quality videos, you will be blown away by the quality; experiencing Macedonia in your home.

Our favourite video:【4K Видео 】Зрзенски манастир / Св. Преображение 🇲🇰 The Zrze Monastery / Holy Transfiguration 🇲🇰

  1. Damjan Guguchevski


With a first person view through the lens of Damjan Guguchevski’s drone, you will see Macedonia like never before. Taking you through the snowy town of Bitola, the forests of Pelister, the mountains of Krushevo, and the lakeside village of Trpejca; Damjan has taken his drone through some beautiful places in Macedonia. 

Our favourite video: Снежна Битола / Snowy morning in Bitola

  1. United Macedonian Diaspora


Of course, we can’t conclude this list without sharing the United Macedonian Diaspora’s (UMD) own channel. The UMD is an international non-governmentalorganization that promotes the interests and needs of Macedonian diaspora all around the world. With fun social events, thought-provoking panels and insightful conferences and discussions, there is something for everyone. Relive and rewatch every UMD event and never miss a beat about what’s going on in our wider community. We are less than 100 subscribers away from hitting 1000, so please subscribe today!

Our favourite video: Discover Macedonia with Meto and Stefani

We hope you enjoyed our list of some great Macedonian Youtube Channels, next time you watch; make sure to like, comment, and subscribe! As our diaspora is ever expanding across the globe; the Macedonian community has been able to stay connected through social media. It is through youtube and other platforms that our food, culture, language, history, and traditions have not just been preserved but have flourished. 

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