The Hill Publishes Meto Koloski’s Op-ed on #Macedonia’s Name

The Hill‘s International Relations Blog Global Affairs published UMD President Metodija A. Koloski’s op-ed “Time for US to take sides in dispute over Macedonia’s name.” Click HERE to read. The Hill has a readership of over 400,000 and their Global Affairs Blog is quite popular among Congress staff and leaders. The op-ed was the first Global Affairs Blog guest commentary…

The Hill Op-ed: The US can help end extremism in Greece

On U.S. Election Day, The Hill newspaper published an op-ed piece entitled “The US can help end extremism in Greece” by UMD’s President Metodija A. Koloski and the Turkish Coalition of America’s Sevin Elekdag.  Please click HERE to read the op-ed.  We encourage you to share it via your social media outlets and to leave comments.