Stefani Taskova Miteva

Stefani Taskova Miteva is a second generation Australian-Macedonian, born in Melbourne. With roots from Veles and Aegean Macedonia, her strong ties inspired her to take part in Birthright Macedonia in 2019. Later working for local companies and enterprises, and completing President Ivanov’s School for Young Leaders, Stefani resided in Macedonia for two years where she also married, prior to returning to Australia.

Experienced in non-profit management, leading youth development programs, public affairs, and advocacy, she graduated in 2018 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree majoring in International Relations and Human Rights from Monash University and in 2022 graduated with a Master of International Relations. She currently works in management consultancy focusing on leadership and team effectiveness.

As the first Generation M, Australia Representative, Stefani has seen the Australian UMD and Gen M branch grow, which is key to uniting the Macedonian community and inspiring the younger generation to take pride in their culture and heritage and to give back to their community.