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Learn more about our representatives in Australia, Canada, EU and U.S.

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Learn more about the charitable events we organize – the Ajvar 5K annual run/walk event and our disaster relief program.

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Learn more about the annual masquerade we organize and the film festival we support.

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Learn more about our young leaders – Generation M, our Birthright Macedonia program, the scholarships and internships we offer and the leadership conferences we organize.

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The Important Issues Facing Our Nation:

  • Entitlement Reform
  • Foreign Policy
  • Education
  • Criminal Justice Reform
  • The Economy
  • Veteran Healthcare

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Upcoming Events


Washington, D.C. Premiere of Secret Ingredient

Join Us: Washington, D.C. Premiere of Secret Ingredient Official Macedonian Submission for OSCARS F...
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You're Invited: 14th Macedonian Masquerade Ball

The 14th Annual Macedonian Old New Year’s Masquerade Charity Ball - Vasilica Saturday, January 12...
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Program: #MALC2019 and UMD Retreat, Miami, Florida

5th Macedonian-American Leadership Conference and UMD Retreat February 8-10, 2019 Miami, Florida ...
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what people say about us
Paul D. Wohlers

It is my pleasure to recognize UMD for its decade-long role in helping move Macedonia closer to its goals, including full integration into the Euro-Atlantic Community…I urge all of you, collectively and individually, to remain engaged on Macedonia’s issues and to further Macedonia’s economic and political development by working to advance the democratic ideals and reforms that are needed to move Macedonia forward.

Paul D. Wohlers

United States Ambassador to Macedonia
Dr. Gjorge Ivanov

Congratulations are in order for the organization’s successful work and to all of its members these past years. I would like to use this opportunity to express my satisfaction with the collaboration we achieved during this period…you represent a model of how one should support and help their homeland. For everything UMD has done till now, for all of your individual and collective accomplishments, I am pleased that I had the opportunity to personally present you the Republic of Macedonia’s highest recognition for the Diaspora, as gratitude for everything UMD has done.

Dr. Gjorge Ivanov

President of the Republic of Macedonia
Mario Hristovski

With the full support and backing of UMD, Macedonia’s youth can step up and declare that Macedonians not only exist, but are proud to take on the challenge of working for a better Macedonia.

Mario Hristovski

Candice S. Miller

Since 2004, the United Macedonian Diaspora (UMD) has served as the lead international organization for the needs and interests of Macedonians and Americans of Macedonian heritage. UMD has been a staunch advocate for Macedonian causes on both a national and global scale.

Candice S. Miller

Congresswoman of Michigan
Dragan Gjorgiev

The UMD Bitove scholarship program helps elevate Macedonian individuals to positions of influence by equipping each recipient with the resources to climb the ladder of success.

Dragan Gjorgiev

UMD Bitove Scholarship Recipient

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