Robert Pasquale

UMD Australia Treasurer

Robert Pasquale has a background in banking and finance working in the industry for seven years prior to changing careers to become a pizza chef. In 2010, Pasquale opened up his own pizzeria Café Slice of Italy located in Perth, Australia where he was born. Pasquale’s father was born in Molise, Italy, and his mother in Prilep, Macedonia. His mother moved here when she was a teenager and always taught Pasquale and his siblings never to forget the struggles and challenges Macedonians faced, in particular in communist Yugoslavia and Aegean Macedonia (in present day Greece).

What inspired Pasquale to get more actively involved in the Australian-Macedonian community and UMD was when he learned that his grandparents (Baba and Dedo) and others like them were threatened repeatedly for calling themselves “Makedonci” (Macedonian). Pasquale is one of the founders of UMD’s Western Australian Operations based in Perth, which started during the summer of 2010. Co-coordinating both the 2011 Macedonia Food Festival and 2012 International Food Festival, Pasquale has been highly involved in all Australian UMD operations including supporting the UMD Sydney launch and the Canberra Diaspora research project as well as many other UMD fundraising activities. In 2012, he established the UMD Perth Office based out of Edith Cowan University with the first UMD Australian Internship Program.