Petar Petrovski

Chairman of European Operations

Petar Petrovski is an undergraduate student and recipient of the DePaul Scholars’ Award at DePaul University in Chicago, IL, pursuing a degree in Finance with a minor in IT. He graduated from NOVA International Schools in Skopje, Macedonia, where he served as Student Council President in his senior year. While at NOVA, he played a prominent role in the development, funding and promotion of the Model European Parliament (MEP) in Macedonia, a program that empowers and stimulates Macedonian high school students to identify and act on global political, economic, social and environmental matters. His highest achievement was representing Macedonia as the President of the Macedonian Delegation on the International MEP Session in Norwich, UK.

Upon graduating from high school, he moved to Chicago with the goal of expanding and deepening his knowledge of finance and technology, two fields in which he has been professionally involved since his 18th birthday; Petrovski is currently a Junior Investment Analyst at Target Communications, a leading business consulting firm in Macedonia, while simultaneously devoting time to two technology-oriented ventures of his own. After an inspirational inception into the operations and initiatives of both UMD at the Chicago Gala and Macedonia 2025 at the 2015 ABLE Gala in Columbus, he hopes to not only participate, but significantly contribute to the empowering movement that is uniting the Macedonian youth and guiding it toward a more promising future.

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