Jim Daikos

Director of Canadian Operations

UMD Board Member and Director of Canadian operations James Daikos originally comes from Aegean Macedonia. In 1967, his family immigrated to Canada, escaping the human rights violations of the Macedonians in Greece. The contrast between the freedoms and rights in Greece and in Canada is what gave Daikos the passion to work tirelessly on the Macedonian cause. As a result, he has done and supported many activities to improve the human rights of the Macedonians in Greece.

Professionally, Daikos has a broad experience in the hospitality business in Canada, and has run and owned several restaurants. He is currently the General Manager of Wimpy’s Diner franchisee. He is one of the founders of many association and organizations in Canada. Daikos and his wife Millie have two children. Millie was born in Poland to two “children” refugees from the Greek Civil War.

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