Gordana Mirkoska

UMD Washington, D.C./Maryland/Virginia Regional Representative

Gordana Mirkoska is currently working as a Manager of Fiscal Operations for the Virginia Science & Technology Campus and the College of Professional Studies at George Washington University. In that role, Mirkoska oversees accounting, financial transactions, and reporting functions. Mirkoska holds a M.S. in Accountancy from George Washington University. She has over ten years of corporate accounting experience in banking, construction industries and higher education. Additionally, she holds a Black Belt Certification in Lean Six Sigma and had led various process review and re-engineering efforts. She is a multi-lingual professional with work experience in both the United States and Europe.

Mirkoska’s main objective as a UMD representative is to assist in the process of mobilizing the local Diaspora resources such as personal expertise, investments and corporate affiliations to help transform the Macedonian Economy. These efforts will draw on the social and patriotic linkage as a starting point to encourage Macedonians in the Diaspora to contribute through remittance, knowledge and expertise.