Aleksandar Mitreski

Vice President and Chair of UMD Advisory Council

Aleksandar Mitreski was born in Skopje, Macedonia, and as a young adult immigrated to the United States to complete his graduate studies in Electrical Engineering from Louisiana Tech University. He also holds a Master of Business and Administration from University of Arkansas at Little Rock. With over 10 years in the electric utility industry, Mitreski currently works for ISO New England, where he designs the regional wholesale energy markets. During one of the summer breaks from his university studies, on his way home to Macedonia, he met his wife, Jasmina, with whom they have two children.

As one of the co-founders of UMD, since the beginning Mr. Mitreski has volunteered his efforts to build an organization that will unite the Macedonians worldwide. He was the inaugural Chairman of the Board, and has continually served as the Vice President of the organization. Mitreski also chairs the UMD Advisory Council.