UMD recognizes that the Diaspora has a unique responsibility to give back to those in need in Macedonia. UMD undertakes projects that involve providing clothing to the most vulnerable, school supplies for children, among other efforts.

Our goals are to continue to:

  • Help relieve educational, health and economic challenges faced by Macedonians
  • Work with public and private bodies to undertake charitable activities in Macedonia
  • Coordinate disaster relief aid to Macedonian people in their hour of need

Please come back to visit this page regularly to learn about our current and future charitable projects and how you can help.

Ajvar 5K is an annual charitable event that celebrates the joy of living, the fun of running/walking, the importance of making new friends and cherishing old ones, while remembering and honoring Macedonia’s beautiful heritage – all for a worthy cause. Join us in helping the less fortunate in Macedonia​​​.

Discover more about the Ajvar 5K Run/Walk charitable event.

Devastating floods hit Macedonia in 2013, 2015, and 2016 – the most recent taking 24 lives.

In 2013, UMD organized the Dr. Ifran Maksudov Memorial Clinic in Strumica, Macedonia and the surrounding villages of Angelci and Banica, helping more than 330 patients, including children and the elderly, to receive free medical exams and free medication.

In 2015, UMD coordinated a donation of $55,000 to the Macedonian Red Cross.

In 2016, UMD spearheaded a grassroots fundraising campaign, which raised over $33,000 – half going to the Macedonian Red Cross, while the other being donated to repair the Stajkovci Hospital, which services 2,500 villagers.