Your commitment to becoming a member today is necessary for UMD to make an impact globally while continuing the Macedonian struggle for justice and preservation of our name, heritage, identity, and language.

Your annual membership gift will go a long way towards our charitable programs in Macedonia and around the world, including funds for orphans, the needy, and furthering the education of our future leaders by providing annual scholarships.

UMD can continue to accomplish its valuable work only with the help of dedicated Macedonians and friends of Macedonia like you.

Alexander the Great’s Companions were the most effective military cavalry unit of the ancient world. UMD’s Macedonian Companions are the most effective supporters of the global Macedonian cause.

MACEDONIAN COMPANIONS provide vital financial support for UMD to continue preserving, promoting, and protecting the Macedonian heritage worldwide.

As a proud Macedonian Companion, you will help UMD to:

  • Preserve our Macedonian name, identity, and culture;
  • Promote Macedonian interests to global policy makers;
  • Aid Macedonians in need through charitable projects;
  • Convey our rich historical and cultural legacies to the world and to our youth.
What is the Macedonian Companions program?

The Macedonian Companions program will constitute 300 supporters, each bestowing to UMD a tax-deductible donation of $1,000 (or more) annually. These funds enable UMD to preserve Macedonia’s heritage and to champion our struggle for justice. The UMD Advisory Council formed a Subcommittee to provide oversight and accountability of these funds on an ongoing basis.

Why act now?

Throughout history, Macedonians have been denied the right to self-determination with great vigor. Our existence as Macedonians with a distinct identity, culture, and language continues to be challenged even today. The Companions program is, therefore, UMD’s answer to our people’s global struggle for self-determination. A strong unified voice advocating for and promoting the Macedonian interests worldwide is the only way in which we will prevail and secure our people’s future. By becoming a Companion, you empower UMD to carry out this vital role in the world’s power centers so that global policymakers gain respect for our people and our homeland.

What are the benefits of becoming a Macedonian Companion?
  • The immeasurable value of supporting the Macedonian Cause through UMD;
  • Access to UMD’s diverse network of professionals, including policymakers, business and think-tank leaders, and Macedonian Ambassadors abroad at private Companions-only gatherings;
  • Invitations to all nationwide and international advocacy events;
  • Subscription to a hard copy of the quarterly UMD Voice magazine.

To learn more about or to pledge your support for the Macedonian Companions program, please contact

What is UMD Generation M?

Generation M is the United Macedonian Diaspora’s next generation program educating, empowering, and uniting Macedonian youth around the globe.

Our goal is to invest heavily in our Diaspora’s human resources, educating our communities and inspiring our youth to remain committed to their heritage, meet their civic responsibilities, and explore careers in public policy, government and media, among others.

Find out more on Generation M.