Anica Dimitrova

Anica Dimitrova was born in Stip, Macedonia, and graduated from Goce Delchev University in Macedonia with a finance degree. She moved to the U.S. in 2012 and has lived in Boston ever since with her twin sister, while her brothers and parents still reside in Macedonia. Together, she and her sister recently opened their company Shield Wealth Strategies under New York Life Insurance’s umbrella after working there for five years.

UMD is proud to announce its expansion to Boston. Anica welcomes her appointment with excitement:

“UMD is a great organization to help bring our Macedonian people together. I want my community to be connected, even more, especially the Boston area, and most importantly, get educated on all the opportunities we could have. I want to help Macedonians in the USA to have that trust that there is always someone by their side, doesn’t matter where we are.”