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35 Things Macedonians would miss most during the Apocalypse

35 Things Macedonians Would Miss Most During the Apocalypse:


  1. Cheap Wine

Because where else can you get a bottle of good quality wine for only $5.55 [284 Denar]?

  1. Chocolate and Strawberry Popcorn

Two flavors that you wouldn’t think would taste so good together!

  1. Vacationing on Lake Ohrid

Despite our lack of Mediterranean coastline, we’ve got some of the best waterside real-estate in the Balkans.

  1. Constantly drinking Rakija


Our strong fruit brandy can cure any and all ailments you may have!

  1. Fearing the Promaja

That deadly draft everyone made you live in fear of getting sick from.

  1. Independence Day


Nothing beats our pride in our nation!! Not even during the apocalypse could we top this unity!!

  1. Never being [allowed to be] full!

No matter how much you protest, Baba will always give you more.

  1. The best cheese and veggies, all homegrown


Because Macedonia has does healthy living right since the beginning.

  1. Trmka

Since we still use the old-style of beekeeping, other types of honey just don’t cut it.

  1. Mountains on mountains on mountains

We could’ve made a “35 mountains Macedonians would miss…” and not even name them all! Which leads us to…

  1. Mountain Biking!

We’ve got so many mountains, and with mountains come tough terrain and gorgeous views for the adventurous biker.

  1. Katarina Ivanovska

We all know there’s nothing better than a Makedonsko Devojce!

  1. Pesna Cave


Is Macedonia actually in Tolkein’s universe? Some might say, “Yessss myyyyy Precioussss…”

  1. World Cartoon Gallery

Because who has better humor about the plight of the world than Macedonia’s cartoonists?

  1. K-15 spoofs

And again, because who has a better humor about Macedonia’s plight than Macedonia’s finest satirical screenwriters?

  1. Kukurec

“What’s for Easter dinner?” / “Stuffed lamb intestines!” … sound not-so-good to you? Cool, more for me!

  1. Ajvar

Because nothing can ever come close to this wonderful sensation in your mouth-

  1. TurkishahemMacedoniancoffee

Some of the strongest coffee in the world. But, don’t finish your drink! Keep your grinds for the…

  1. Fortune tellers!!!


They can be scary accurate… or you can DIY fortune tell… little trickier.

  1. Pogacha

Thank goodness there are a bunch of different ways to make this, since it’s literally always on the table!

  1. Christmas!!! on January 7th

Macedonians love confusing all non-Orthodox Christians with our “week-late” celebrations… despite the fact that we do them better than anyone!

  1. Macedonian Idol

It is always enjoyable to watch people make a fool of themselves… and being surprised when someone isn’t half bad.

  1. Calling everyone either “Chichko/Striko” orTetko/Strino

Because everyone is related… but not by blood!

  1. Skopje International Jazz Festival

While jazz might get annoying after a while, we appreciate the opportunity to hear these tunes for a few days a year!

  1. Burek

Our comfort food… after a long day, all you want is some homemade burek.

  1. Celebrating everyone’s Name Day


 We get the equivalent of two birthdays!

  1. Praying to Mother Theresa for everything: including soccer scores!


Of course we know she’s from Skopje…

  1. Asking the neighbors for a cup of oil, rice, coffee, etc


No, this is not just in the Three Little Pigs story. We ask one another for favors, and you’d be surprised how many of us will help out a neighbor!

  1. Goran Pandev

The Left-footed forward. Captain of the national team. Top scorer. 5-time Macedonian Footballer of the Year Award Winner. Must I say more?

  1. Strumica Carnival


Some Macedonians may even say our celebration is more extravagant and much more fun than Mardi Gras…

  1. Growing up with folklore thats still not animated and does not feature catchy tunes (Disney…)


We grew up with the real deal—picture books and oral performances.

  1. Tulumba


Yum. Yum. Yum. Sugar, syrup, and dough. Must I say why we would miss this?

  1. Scuba Diving


Lake Ohrid is a pretty cool place to scuba dive, the water is super clear and the fish are abundant.   

  1. Old Bazaar, Skopje


Bartering, bustling, and much too busy. Cool stuff though, for pretty cheap!

  1. Never being allowed to sit on the floor

… for fear of getting a sore throat, or killing your ovaries. It’s all the fault of that darned promaja. 

By Siobhan Finnerty, UMD International Policy and Diplomacy Fellow.

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