$567,800 Worth of Medical Equipment Donated to Macedonian Hospital

$567,800 Worth of Medical Equipment Donated to Macedonian Hospital

The Mother Teresa University Clinic of Cardiology in Skopje, Macedonia has just received a donation of medical equipment worth $567,800 from the Michigan-based organization World Medical Relief, with donation arrangements facilitated by the Resident Doctors Association – RDA. World Medical Relief partnered with the United Macedonian Diaspora and Dattilio Medical Mission, who both covered the costs for the container, handling fees, and international shipping from Michigan to Macedonia through the port of Durres, in Albania.

The shipment of medical supplies weighing 7774 kilograms (17,319 pounds, 8.569 tons) worth of medical supplies will allow a contemporary approach and treatment of patients in the Clinic. Contents of the container included respiratory care systems, oxygen masks, surgical supplies, surgical instruments, orthopedic items, I.V. supplies, gauze, bandages, ICU beds, crutches, wheelchairs, diagnostic tools, etc.

Dr. George Samson, President, and CEO of World Medical Relief said: “We were there in Macedonia 12 years ago. I saw the needs of the people when it comes to health care. World Medical Relief is committed to helping the sick and poor of your country. Great country, great loving people, and great culture.”

“As a young Macedonian, I feel that we should be diligent in our efforts to help our Macedonian communities at home and abroad. I am grateful and honored to be a part of an organization whose mission is to help the sick and underserved through the collaborative efforts of like-minded Macedonian organizations. This could not have been done without the support of Dr. Samson, Meto Koloski, UMD, General Dubie, Dattilio Medical Mission, Aleksandra Georgieva, and Alex Petrylka,” said Alexandar Bezanovski, World Medical Relief Ambassador of Health for Macedonia and Senior at Wayne State University who plans to attend medical school after graduation.

“We cannot be more grateful to World Medical Relief for securing this generous amount of medical equipment and supplies for Macedonia, especially to fellow Macedonian- American Alexandar Bezanovski, who helped spearhead this project. UMD was proud to be involved and to be joined by friends from Vermont, the Dattilio Medical Mission, and General Michael Dubie in helping alleviate the health challenges in the country,” said UMD President Metodija A. Koloski.

Lt Gen (ret) Michael Dubie said: “The Dattilio Medical Mission based in Vermont, USA, is very pleased to be able to partner with World Medical Relief and the United Macedonian Diaspora organization to support the recent shipment of medical supplies to the University Clinic Cardiology in Skopje.” General Dubie was the Adjutant General of the Vermont National Guard (2006-2012) and the 2012 recipient of the UMD Macedonia Friendship Award.

On September 28, 2022, General Dubie and former Director of the Joint Staff of the Vermont National Guard Jonathan Farnham visited Macedonia and joined with UMD Macedonia Director Gordan Jordanov in visiting the hospital and touring the facilities, as well as witnessing the impact of the donation of medical equipment and supplies.

A tremendous thank you to the individuals working in Macedonia who helped with coordinating the aid of medical supplies: Dr. Zan Zimbakov, the director of the Mother Teresa University Clinic, Dr. Oliver Busljetic, head of the department ICU, and Aleksandra Georgieva, the president of the Resident Doctors Association (RDS).