Happy 31st Macedonia Independence Day

Happy 31st Macedonia Independence Day

2022 marks 31 years since Macedonians declared the Republic of Macedonia an independent and sovereign state.

On September 8, 1991, an overwhelming majority of over 95 percent of the population endorsed independence from Yugoslavia in a referendum asking “are you in favor of an independent Macedonia with the right to enter into a future union of sovereign states of Yugoslavia.”

The referendum was preceded by a Declaration of Independence that the first multi-party Macedonian Parliament adopted on September 25, 1991, making the Republic of Macedonia a free and independent country.

The new constitution of the Republic of Macedonia was then adopted on November 17, 1991, followed by acclamation in the United Nations General Assembly on April 8, 1991, becoming the 181st member.

Throughout history, Macedonia has been divided, occupied, and has struggled for its rights and freedoms. Even today many have tried to tear it apart. Yet nevertheless, the Macedonian sun continues to rise even in the most difficult of times, shining through all hearts and spaces.

Knowing that today we face various world crises, Macedonia also faces economic, political, and social instability. It is therefore essential, now more than ever, for us all to unite in the homeland and the diaspora to ensure that our identity, culture, and traditions prosper and are passed on to future Macedonian generations.

The United Macedonian Diaspora (UMD), as the largest Macedonian organization in the diaspora representing the rights of Macedonians worldwide, on this day calls on the unification of all Macedonian organizations on a global level in celebration of Independence Day.

UMD marks September as Macedonian Heritage Month, honoring generations of Macedonians who have shaped the history, culture, and society of our countries in the diaspora. This September, UMD will launch several projects celebrating the Macedonian culture to keep our rich traditions alive

In collaboration with Slovenika, UMD will offer online Macedonian language courses for children and teenagers with two levels; beginner and intermediate. Classes will be taught by professors from Skopje in English, helping us preserve our language and culture, and honoring our Dedo, Baba, and ancestors.