UMD To Honor Cane Carovski at Los Angeles Gala

UMD To Honor Cane Carovski at Los Angeles Gala

The United Macedonian Diaspora (UMD) is excited to announce that Cane Carovski will receive the UMD Macedonian Heritage Public Service Award during the MALC2022 Rising Leaders Gala on Saturday, June 4, 2022, at the Sheraton Universal Hotel in Los Angeles, California.

The Gala is taking place during the weekend-long 6th Macedonian American Leadership Conference (MALC2022) organized by UMD and its young leaders’ program, Generation M, in partnership with St. Mary’s Macedonian Orthodox Church. This is the first time this conference is being held on the West Coast.

UMD is pleased to honor Carovski’s life-long passion, and visionary work in growing the Macedonian community in California, helping to start the first Macedonian Orthodox Church west of Chicago, St. Mary’s Macedonian Orthodox Church. He has been an ardent advocate for the civil rights of ethnic Macedonians globally and has shown exemplary dedication to bringing Macedonian arts, dance, and music to the forefront in American society.

To attend the MALC2022 Rising Leaders Conference, click HERE. For Gala tickets, click HERE.

Proceeds will benefit UMD’s many educational and charitable programs serving the community, including the Bitove Scholarship, Washington, D.C. Internship Programs, Generation M, and Birthright Macedonia.

The United Macedonian Diaspora is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization, and all contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Biography of Cane Carovski

Cane Carovski was 14 when he came to America in 1972 from Kukurecani, Macedonia – a beautiful small village of 400 homes outside of Bitola. He was always a huge music fan of all genres, including Elvis, and the Bee Gees, but his favorite was always Macedonian folk music. From artists such as Goce Nikolovski, Efto Pupunovski, Goce Arnaudov, and Koco Petrovski just to name a few. He was also heavily influenced by Macedonian Folk dancing by choreographers such as Pece Atanosovski and Atanas Kolarovski. On top of that, he took lessons to play the accordion. Longing for a Balkan community, he joined local multi-ethnic folk-dance groups with Americans and Balkan people alike, many of whom he still has strong friendships. Folk dancing and music became his passion and he looked forward to Macedonian picnics and dances “vecerinkis.”

In 1982, he was one of the co-founders of St. Mary’s Macedonian Orthodox Church, the first and only Macedonian church in the Western United States at that time. He has been active in the church committee over the years, serving as President currently and in the past, and being honored by local elected officials for his involvement in the community. In 1984, he represented Macedonia in the cultural events of the Opening Ceremonies of the Summer Olympics. Shortly after, he founded and coached the first Macedonian dance group in California, “Makedonski Biseri” which continues to participate in local events, as well as the Annual Macedonian Conventions in the US and Canada. He believes that music and dancing bring people closer together. He was a co-founder of the Macedonian “Old New Year’s Party” which is still one of the most popular events held at the church 32 years and counting. In recent years, he co-founded the European Heritage Festival and So Cal Folk Fest which unites various cultural groups in preserving their music, dance, and traditions. His motto has always been “All are welcome.”

Although he has focused on growing the Macedonian community in California, his interests are international and he has been an advocate of civil rights for ethnic Macedonians and has organized fundraisers for his hometown village of Kukurecani, as well as for other Macedonian causes. He has even met with two former Macedonian Presidents. He recently retired from his dental profession of 40 years and dedicates his time to the church and his family. He is thankful for his lovely wife Snezana, and his children Nikolce and Svetlana. He recently became a “Dedo” grandfather to his namesake, 6-month-old Sonny. Cane is thankful to UMD for this honor and grateful to be acknowledged. He is a great believer that the future is guided by our children, and he is very optimistic about the voice of a new Macedonian generation in the world.