Birthright Macedonia Comes to Bitola

Birthright Macedonia Comes to Bitola

United Macedonia Diaspora (Washington, DC) in conjunction with its partner, Macedonian Center for International Cooperation (Skopje), is teaming up with its new partner, the Birthright Macedonia Bitola Alliance (Bitola) to offer the Birthright program in the City of Bitola this summer. The Birthright in Bitola program will be held simultaneously with Birthright in Skopje.  

Both programs start on July 1 and end on July 22, 2022.  

Launched in 2015, Birthright Macedonia has brought young Macedonian adults from around the world to the Republic to rediscover their ancestral roots or discover them for the first time. During the three-week program, participants are assigned an internship work program that complements their academic and career goals or their general interest.  

Bitola is the second-largest city in Macedonia. It is steeped in the development of the Republic and has an abundance of history that has contributed to Macedonia’s varied traditions. Our partner, the Birthright Macedonia Bitola Alliance, is well suited to offer Birthright participants unique internship programs from an array of institutions, universities, private businesses, startups, non-government organizations, and civil society associations among others.  

Since its inception, Birthright Macedonia has attracted young Macedonian adults from Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Participants meet and connect with fellow Macedonians from three continents. In the Republic, they interact extensively with native Macedonians in their internship programs.  

Birthright participants live with a host family whom they have never met. The family must have at least one member who is the approximate age of the Birthright participant. As an alternative, a participant may live with relatives provided they are within the same municipality as the program.  

On the weekends, there is the option to experience the culture, traditions, history, and the natural beauty of Macedonia. The three Birthright Heritage Weekends include the following:  

Weekend 1: A tour of the varied sites of metropolitan Skopje for participants in the Skopje program. For Bitola participants, there is a tour of historic Bitola and its environs.  

Weekend 2: There is active participation in the Galicnik Wedding Festival (a UNESCO-protected site). The activities start on Saturday and end in the wee hours of Sunday morning.  And don’t forget the wedding ceremony! 

Weekend 3: Participants absorb the scenic beauty of Lake Ohrid and the surrounding area. 

For more information about the Birthright program, please click HERE. On the home page, go to Programs and then to Leadership Development. You will also find the Application for the program. 

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