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UMD Rep. Receives Death Threats, Files Lawsuit Against Greek Media

UMD Rep. Receives Death Threats, Files Lawsuit Against Greek Media

As the United Macedonian Diaspora’s (UMD) human rights advocacy work expanded in 2012 on behalf of human rights for the native Macedonian community in Aegean Macedonia (modern day Northern Greece), the UMD Greece Representative Eugenia Natsoulidou recently became the target of death threats, and has been publically slandered by a major Greek newspaper – Proto Thema.  In response, legal action…

The Hill Op-ed: The US can help end extremism in Greece

On U.S. Election Day, The Hill newspaper published an op-ed piece entitled “The US can help end extremism in Greece” by UMD’s President Metodija A. Koloski and the Turkish Coalition of America’s Sevin Elekdag.  Please click HERE to read the op-ed.  We encourage you to share it via your social media outlets and to leave comments.  

UMD: International Community Pressure On Greece Needed to Ensure Freedom of Religion

On the eve of International Religious Freedom Day, the United Macedonian Diaspora (UMD) calls on the international community to strongly condemn the Greek government’s ongoing denial of basic religious freedoms to all Greek citizens.    On October 27th, the world observes that: “…everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion…freedom to change his religion or belief, and…