Trajce Nikolov

Vice-Chairman of Canadian Operations

Trajce Nikolov was born and raised in Radovis, Macedonia before moving to Canada ten years ago. Trajce finished his Civil Engineering degree at the University of Toronto and is now working as an Assistant Planner at the City of Toronto, where he specializes in the bridging of engineering, business and political knowledge in many of the City’s current and future infrastructure projects. Trajce is also currently undertaking his Masters degree at the University of Toronto specializing in the financial aspect of transportation engineering and planning. Aside from work and school, Trajce spends his time travelling (with his most recent trip taking him to beautiful England), and volunteering for many different causes, specifically those dealing with children in need. Trajce’s involvement in the Macedonian community ranges widely, but he only became much more formally involved in the Gen M project with the co-organization of the Canadian-Macedonian Leadership Conference this past year. He loves meeting new people and talking about many different topics, and if you are reading this, he hopes you strongly consider joining Gen M (yes, someone had to do the shameless advertising).