Minister Gligor Tashkovich (ret.)

Currently, Tashkovich has been retained by Platinum Management (NY) LLC to manage non-USA capital introductions, though he is perhaps best known for his successful two-year mandate as the Minister of Foreign Investment for the Republic of Macedonia. In that position, he travelled to forty countries around the world, in a campaign to inform international firms about the many benefits of basing their European manufacturing, assembly, and back office operations in the Republic of Macedonia.

Previously, Tashkovich was the Executive Vice President for Government & Media Relations for AMBO LLC (the Albanian-Macedonian-Bulgarian Oil Corporation) on the $1.5 billion Trans-Balkan Oil Pipeline project, which will connect the Black Sea with the Adriatic Sea and cross the Republics of Bulgaria, Macedonia, and Albania.

Additionally, between 2001-2006, Tashkovich served as a research consultant to First Data Corporation, gathering forensic intelligence on money laundering and terrorism finance operations; in 2004, Tashkovich was named a delegate to the U.S.-Japan Foundation’s Leadership Program. He serves as a founding Trustee of the American Research Center in Sofia, Bulgaria; an Advisory Board member of investment bank MC Capital in Sydney, Australia; he is a member of the Bretton Woods Committee and of its International Council, a founding member of the U.S.-Macedonian Business Council, and, in 2004, he completed a five year term membership on the Council on Foreign Relations.

As part of Macedonia’s drive to gain recognition in the international community, Tashkovich successfully forged diplomatic relations in the summer of 1993 between Macedonia and Malta; in November of 1993, between Macedonia and Angola; in April of 1994 between Macedonia and Uzbekistan; then again in 2001 between Macedonia and Georgia.

Tashkovich earned his B.A. in 1987 from Cornell University’s College of Arts & Sciences, and his M.B.A. in 1991 from Cornell’s Johnson Graduate School of Management. For over two decades, he was heavily involved with Cornell University affairs, and was the youngest member ever on the Administrative Board of the Cornell University Council. In addition to a native command of English, Tashkovich has proficiency in French, and has studied Latin, Spanish, Macedonian, Bulgarian, and Business Japanese at the university level.

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