Alastair Stewart

Senior Communications Advisor

Alastair Stewart is a freelance writer and communications professional. He writes regular features on politics, history and culture with a particular interest in the life of Sir Winston Churchill.

Alastair’s fiancée is from Gevgelija, and he’s proud of his adopted Macedonian heritage. In 2018, he was appointed senior communications advisor for the United Macedonian Diaspora. He has a keen interest in comparative nationalism and enjoys exploring Macedonian politics in parallel to his native Scotland. Alastair is committed to raising awareness about Macedonian culture, and he regularly writes about his travels and experiences there and has been published in The Scotsman and Kurir.

Alastair was appointed as communications advisor to the MCRIP(UK) Scenario Editorial Committee and has worked as deputy press officer for Bremain in Spain, a grass-roots campaign working to keep Britain in the EU. In 2017, he launched a campaign to introduce MPs for British citizens abroad based on the Macedonian model of representation.

Alastair founded DARROW in 2013, Scotland’s only dedicated forum for more than 200 new writers. The magazine works with 16-35-year-olds to give them the tools they need to share their ideas, hone their craft and thrive as writers, journalists, and storytellers.

As a Cambridge exam instructor, Alastair has taught English and History in Spain and prepared more than 400 students for Cambridge ESOL examinations. He conducts writing and debate workshops, encouraging students to develop their writing style and passion for literature at all opportunities.

Alastair was previously a press officer at the Scottish Parliament and worked in public affairs. He remains an enthusiastic speechwriter for stakeholders in the public and private sector. He graduated from Edinburgh University in 2011 with a degree in International Relations.

He is an avid reader, has recently fallen in love with comics and wishes he’d created Flashman. He and his fiancée split their time between Edinburgh, Macedonia and Spain and he occasionally dazzles in the kitchen (although she questions this assertion…).