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ICJ Rules Against Greece in Macedonia Case

ICJ Rules Against Greece in Macedonia Case

UMD would like to bring to your attention the judgment of the International Court of Justice released yesterday in the case Macedonia v. Greece (Application of the Interim Accord of 13 September 1995).>The ICJ in a vote 15:1 found that Greece, by objecting to the admission of Macedonia to NATO, has breached its obligation under Article 11, paragraph 1, of…

Dropping of Discriminatory ‘Slav’ Prefix is a Step in the Right Direction for Australia

Melbourne – 20 Feb 2012 – The United Macedonian Diaspora (UMD) commends the decision of Prime Minister Julia Gillard, Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd and the Australian Government to abandon the administrative directive from 1994, which had the ‘slav’ prefix as a descriptor for Macedonians in Australia. UMD Board Director & Perth Director Dame Krcoski added: “The Australian Government should now…

UMD Australia Calls for Opening of Australian Embassy in Skopje, Macedonia

Media Release
Melbourne, Australia 24 Feb. 2012

UMD Australia supports Inquiry into Australia’s Overseas Representation; Calls for Opening of Australian Embassy in Skopje, Macedonia

As a result of its submission to the Inquiry into Australia’s Overseas Representation on 28 Nov. 2011, the United Macedonian Diaspora (Australia) was invited to a public hearing in Melbourne on 23 Feb. 2012, by the Parliament of Australia, Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade. The hearing enabled the Committee to gain in-depth information from UMD Australia on the recommendations for improving Australia’s diplomatic impact. In particular, the Committee was interested in UMD’s views on the activities that Australia’s diplomatic posts must undertake; their geographic location and spread; the appropriate level of staffing including locally engaged staff; and the affect of e-diplomacy and information and communication technology on the activities of diplomatic posts.