NYC Turkish- and Macedonian-American Cultural Evening A Success

NEW YORK CITY, NY – October 12, 2009 – Over 200 Turkish-Americans and Macedonian-Americans and friends gathered at the Turkish Center in New York City to experience the rich cultures of Turkey and Macedonia on the evening of Friday, October 9, 2009.  Between networking and getting to know one another, attendees enjoyed Turkish and Macedonian foods, folklore, and music.  The event…

UMD Voice Spring 2010 is Here!

Dear UMD Voice Readers,

The Macedonians are one of those rare nations where the number of people outside of the home country’s borders may actually exceed the number within. Therefore, the Macedonian Diaspora is not only a part of the Macedonian identity, but it is actually a huge part of that identity, with substantial satellite communities around the world.

Help Save the BBC Macedonian Service

Help Save the BBC Macedonian Service

The British Broadcasting Service (BBC) announced last week that they would cut five language services in order to cut costs.  The five language programs are Albanian, Macedonian, Serbian, the English service for the Caribbean region and Portuguese for Africa.  UMD urges you to help us save the BBC Macedonian Service.  Macedonians worldwide and friends of Macedonia, headed by Macedonia’s first…

UMD and ATAA Held 3rd Annual Macedonian-Turkish Friendship Happy Hour

January 24, 2011 – Washington, D.C. – The Assembly of Turkish American Associations and the United Macedonian Diaspora held the 3rd Annual Macedonian-Turkish Friendship Happy Hour at ATAA’s Turkish House Washington, D.C.  Over 80 guests joined in the festivities, which featured Macedonian and Turkish wine and cuisine, and traditional music and dancing, making it the most attended Macedonian-Turkish Friendship Happy Hour thus far.